Friday, September 2, 2011

ALTA Tactical Offering A-TACS Elbow and Kneepads

We have had quite a few of our customers asking us where they where they could get tactical kneepads in A-TACS camouflage and now we have a definitive answer for them. ALTA Industries is a major manufacturer in the  industry and if you have been to any major tactical retail store, you would have seen their name on knee and elbow pads. 

ALTA Tactical is introducing their A-TACS Kneepad with the Altalock™ buckle two strap fastening system, which allows for a customized snug fit. They are designed with thick comfortable foam covered by high quality Cordura Nylon in the camouflage pattern. The caps are skid resistant. 

The elbow pads follow the same design but utilize two velcro straps. The same knee pads in other camouflage options are currently on the market for just over $20 and elbow pads for around $15. You can expect these to be offered by ALTA Tactical dealers starting in September. 

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