Monday, August 15, 2011

Wounded Warrior Project Survival Straps

These dual purpose bracelets are a great item you can wear or throw in your pack for immediate access to  up to 16 feet of paracord in the standard strap. The purpose of this piece of tactical gear not only provides immediate access to para-cord for quick repairs or life saving emergencies, but in the past Survival Straps has donated a portion of proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

They now have a specific Survival Strap with the WWP logo that carries 50% of the profits over to this great cause, which helps raise awareness for injured service members and creates programs that can help them get ahead for the future. These products are made in America and prices for the compact Straps start at $32 with a plastic buckle. Additional options are given for stainless steel shackle seen here or a wide version with up to 24 Feet of cord. You can purchase this bracelet online at: Wounded Warrior Project Survival Straps

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  1. i support the soldiers out there. i wear my dod tags for the wounded warrior project everyday i breathe.