Saturday, August 13, 2011

World War Z Makes the Big Screen

The zombie apocalypse classic World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks is due to hit the big screens right before Christmas according to USA Today. The lead character Gerry Lane, will be covered by big screen star Brad Pitt, so expect wide spread appeal compared to most zombie movies which typically have B level actors or rising stars before they have hit it big. Then a gain there are new Zed films coming out on a weekly basis, so perhaps every dog will have his day in hunting down brain munchers. 

As with many films this will be an adaptation of the book and we all know how that turns out. All of those that read the book will say that it was better, since you can can fit a lot more detail into 200-300 pages of literature compared to your typical 2 hour film. However, it seems the film writers took many liberties in creating the screenplay that could leave the book's fans sadly disappointed. 

Lets just hope it is worth the $10 to hit the theaters no matter how they swing it. We have provided one of the set clips from the United Kingdom with Pitt in some Combat Pants, Hoodie, and apocalyptic arm-or. 

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