Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Wilderness Upgrades Webbing on Ammunition Carriers

The Wilderness Stretchable Ammo Thing
Taking an innovative tactical product and making it better at no additional cost can't be a bad thing. You don't need to reinvent the wheel but you can certainly make it last longer.

The Wilderness, a local Phoenix area tactical product manufacturer and retailer has announced this week that they will now be using XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) Elastic Webbing on their Stretchable Ammo, 12-Guage Shotgun, and Battery Carrier "Thing".

The Ammo option comes in two styles designed for .38/357 or .44/.45 cartridges and the battery option carries 123A Lithium Batteries. Their upgraded webbing promises to provide "super-tough" webbing that is resistant to wear and tear, while securely carrying your bullets, shotgun shells, or batteries in their patent pending stretchable carriers which are easily attached to any loop with a simple carabiner.

Stretchable Shotgun Thing
The Wilderness Stretchable Ammo and Shotgun Thing are a great option for home defense when you can clip them at the ready in easy to access points of your house. In the age of loosening concealment legislation, these make for a smooth discrete and secure ammunition carry.

The Stretchable Shotgun Thing especially drew our interest as you can simple transfer your shell or two from the elastic holder directly to your single or double barrel with a push of the thumb(s) through the loop.

The Wilderness Stretchable Battery Thing
Different webbing widths are provided for the Stretchable Ammo and Battery Thing. Your choice depends on if you want a complete cover for a very secure hold or if you want a part of the battery/round exposed for an easy grab and pull for loading.

The Wilderness is not skimping on quality with their Made in the USA tactical products and with the upgraded XHD webbing they are not increasing the price point. All of The Wilderness Stretchable Things can be had for under $15 with easy online ordering in their Tactical Accessories section.

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