Friday, August 12, 2011

Tactical Firearms Training Quick Shot 2011

We thought this was a great photo from the U.S. Navy. This took place during Quick Shot 2011 where military camera personnel are trained in the art of photography while in a combat environment. There is a great combination of camouflage uniforms, but you mostly see old school woodland camo along with some Air Force Digital Tiger Stripe in the background. 

The key focal point is on the tactical firearms instructor talking with a Navy service member in full woodland uniform, but wearing a boonie hat with AOR2 Digital Camouflage also known as NWUIII. This has only been seen on Navy Special Warfare Operators. Interestingly the majority of the servicemen have their faces obstructed in one way or another, but this shot caught our eye given the odd man out with his unique headwear. Guess this photographer has got the goods for the task at hand. 

US Navy Photo by MC 2nd Class Walker Singh
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