Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A-TACS FG: New Temperate Camouflage Pattern

The guys over at Digital Concealment Systems released the name of their new "Green" camouflage pattern as A-TACS FG. They also have sneak peak with a swatch of the pattern as seen above with the new logo. The release of their aforementioned temperate variant has been much anticipated to counter their current Arid/Urban pattern currently on the market. A countdown clock will soon be implemented on their website to give you an exact time to plan on seeing the new camouflage revealed. 

It has been previously noted here based on information from DCS that this will be a new pattern in addition to the varied colorway. In regard to their new camouflage pattern they noted, "A-TACS FG is built on the A-TACS platform using organic pixels and patterns within patterns, but will be uniquely suited to the distinctive elements and shapes found in more temperate environments. It will also be the first pattern of its kind to feature simulated depth and multi-layering - further increasing the functional aspects of the design. Several licensing partners will be showing the new A-TACS pattern at the 2012 Shot Show in January." 

Obviously those looking for their uniforms and tactical gear to conceal well in a forest or environments with heavy vegetation will be on the look out to see what these guys come out with. We will certainly be at the 2012 SHOT Show to see this camouflage pattern first hand. A-TACS was a hit and very well profiled across the convention center last year, so we expect their new design to be no different. 

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  1. To think, they only announced additional supporting color and design variants coming two years ago, in Oct. 2009

  2. I think they are full speed ahead now with their Partnership with Propper as well as many other manufacturers licensing their Pattern. Perhaps the timing or partners were not right for pushing their initial pattern to where it needed to be in 2010.

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