Monday, August 8, 2011

A-TACS Camouflage's British Invasion

The new Advanced Tactical Concealment System has gained world wide acclaim through international tactical and Special ops magazines and now the British Company C2R Fast has licensed the pattern for use on their tactical gear. 

This means that you will not only be able to buy their products direct in the UK, but also with their network of distributors throughout Europe. As with many tactical manufacturers, their Armor Plate Carrier is one of their signature products that shows off their innovative designs and highlights their craftsmanship. 

C2R-MOR Modular Plate Carrier
C2R is no different and their C2R-MOR Modular Plate Carriers in A-TACS was one of the key products show off with the new camouflage. This plate carrier was designed to transfer the weight of the armor and other supplemental gear to the hips for a more comfortable carry. 

As seems to be the more common trend these days, they are keeping the platform free of built-in pouches, so that you can customize the system to your preferred configuration. With the growing uptake on the camouflage for all tactical products, it should be no concern to find the equipment you are looking for. 

C2R TacPad Chest
Many manufacturers design the typical laundry list of essential gear, but C2R amps it up with their TacPads. This back lit system allows troops to write any necessary notes directly on the screen for future use. They have a version for aviators that attaches directly to any hook and loop system, an arm mounted version, and the flip open chest mounted version seen hear. You can see the latter option gives easy access, good storage for the stylus, and is also seen on the chest of the C2R-MOR Modular Plate Carrier with its A-TACS camouflage cover that easily conceals the screen.

We are excited to see the growing tactical product options available for this camouflage pattern. It has become a regular game of whose next to license the camo. With the new pattern relatively close to release, it should just become an even more consistent occurrence, especially if A-TACS FG proves as effective for its temperate environment. 

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