Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SteriPEN Freedom Rechargeable UV Water Purifier

For the adventure traveler or survivalist in the 21st Century, this can be a great tool for making sure you are drinking clean water in areas where sanitary conditions are suspect, or very obvious that you are need to sterilize. SteriPen gave a lot of thought to their new UV Water Purifier in that you can use modern day conveniences such as USB Charges and for more extreme travelers, a Solar charger plug in. 

Obviously the SteriPEN Freedom can have great military and survival applications given that operators can be headed to a remote AO. The SteriPen can give an additional precaution to combat some microscopic nasties that can put you out of commission for a day or much longer by drinking water from a bad source. 

Checking out their details, they are looking at a $120 MSRP when it hits the market later this year. So, you are probably looking at around $100 once it makes it to the retailers. This will cover you for 8,000 treatments on 2 cups of water, with 40 treatments for a full charge. It has minimal weight at less than three ounces and each treatment takes less than a minute. It also features a green indicator light letting you know that it is now safe to drink. The SteriPen Freedom comes complete with a USB Cable and AC Adapter for charging as well as a neoprene case.

They have a fairly simple promo video showing its use and easy ability to recharge. It is interesting that they focus in on Costa Rica considering it has some of the more modern conveniences allowing for clean water, but I guess you can have problems in some of their more secluded jungle areas. They could have went with more extreme examples such as Guatemala where a case of the runs can almost be built into your travel itinerary. Unfortunately this is a common case for us when we head down south. Hopefully this new high tech UV Water Purifier will save us some bathroom time and large purchases of Gatorade on on our next trip out in the wild or ventures into Central America. 

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