Monday, August 29, 2011

Staying Fit: Spartan Sprint

Mud runs and extreme obstacle courses have become a growing contingent of 5k races to compete with the wide variety of plain Jane fun-runs that are on the racing scene. One of our friends shared this great helmet cam video from this past weekends Spartan Sprint that took place in Amesbury, Massacusetts, about 50 miles North of Boston.

You definitely are working different muscle groups and mental focus when you are simply not swiftly speeding along solid ground. Plus, the added stress from climbing, crawling, and slogging through a messy course requires a totally different type of training if you plan on making it to the finish line ahead of the pack. While your standard foot race can be fun and much easier for clean up, its seems events like these can be very rewarding in bringing out a warrior spirit that requires added agility and a strong heart.

The Spartan Sprint is an international event with races throughout the US, Canada, and UK. While you can stop at their simple 3+ mile and 10+ obstacle challenge, they also offer 3 other events including the Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, and the ultimate Spartan Death Race which is a 48+ hour extravaganza of pain, where only 10% of participants finish the grueling course.

The next Spartan Sprint will take place in Palmerton, PA on September 10th with top entrants fees for procrastinators being $75. Military personnel can receive a $10 discount on all registration fees. Check out full details at

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