Monday, August 8, 2011

SIGG Brings Back Camouflage Water Bottles

With the camo craze running the gauntlet of products, the Swiss bottle maker is bringing back their Camouflage option with an full collection of aluminum bottles including five different patterns. The SIGG Jungle camo stands out as the most representative of a military style colorway, while the remaining four are definitely commercial design friendly including desert, gunmetal, black, and a pink selection for the ladies. 

SIGG touts their bottles as earth friendly with the re-use value and the aluminum structure makes for very frosty water when refrigerated. The Camo bottles are designed to hold up to 34 ounces and come with the easy clip screw cap. They also have a number of accessories to customize your bottle including insulation sleeves, carry straps, and slide pull sport tops. Each bottle in the camouflage collection is $24.99. 

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