Friday, August 5, 2011

Redback One: A-TACS Fully Loaded

It is no secret that Redback One's head honcho Jason Falla has lead the way in featuring the A-TACS camouflage during his combat training courses.

In fact he was the first person we had seen photographed wearing an apparel item with the new camo in a real world environment and not just in promotional material.

Needless to say we were happy to receive these photos from Redback One with Mr. Falla fully outfitted with the SORD USA Field Uniform and the new Elite Series ARAC along with additional gear and rifle in the Advanced Tactical Concealment System camouflage.

We also have a more iconic shot at the bottom of the post, which is very reminiscent of the photo utilized on the cover of S.W.A.T. magazine, where Redback One was featured for its tactical pistol and carbine instruction.

Jason is also not just an A-TACS fan as he frequently wears Crye Precision Uniforms and the Advanced Releasable Armor Carrier he helped design with SORD USA in the MultiCam pattern.

In addition to the collaboration to design tactical uniforms and gear, Redback One will also soon offering RB1 Combat Pistol Sights, and currently has custom RB1 Combat Training Targets available for purchase at the Redback One Online Proshop.

Redback One will be running several more 2-Day Carbine Courses with the next stop in Highview, West Virginia, as well as a combined pistol course, and 5-Day Combat Carbine Course. View full scheduling and ordering information at their Training Calendar

All Photos of Jason Falla Provided by Redback One
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