Monday, August 22, 2011

PenCott Mission Critical Camouflage

Here is the latest from the guys over at Hyde Definition releasing their new Mission Critical Camouflage™ branding for their PenCott™ family of patterns. It is important to distinguish the camouflage that is out their just too look pretty and the real deal which provides for ultimate concealment This is the message they want to get across to military gear and clothing manufacturers, as well as the end consumers that are looking for the ultimate in camouflage.

The flyer gives great shots of their camouflage on actual uniforms, including their latest Snowdrift colorway, which was first released at the beginning of 2011. This promotional material also gives quick explanations as to why PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage is the best choice for military operators.

Having a 50/50 NYCO Milspec Fabric that is Berry Compliant gives them a step forward in picking up licensing from stateside Uniform manufacturers who want to fill orders for Special Operations and Tactical Teams that want in on the variety of variants they offer. This combined with production of a  65/35 Poly/Cotton Ripstop fabric gives them a wide reaching military uniform market.

Both fabric options bode well for a commercial focus with different consumer tastes seeking out their personal favorite option. You can also see that their high quality 1000 Denier Nylon will be available in September allowing for an endless array of tactical gear to be produced in their Camouflage Pattern. We will certainly be on the look out for this new entrant into the US tactical gear and military clothing  industrt to see who is the first to license their patterns and put them to good use with some great products. 

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