Sunday, August 21, 2011

New iRobot FirstLook Promo Video

We had covered this great mobile robot when it first hit the scene and the iRobot 110 FirstLook is just one of the several ground bots developed that are focused toward increasing military safety. This new functionality video gives a much better scenario of building or room clearance for what we thought the robot was designed. 

While iRobot still left out important aspects such as the different types of attachments that can be put to use and what the surveillance camera looks like on the wrist mount display. They did give a much better idea of how it is operated and the ultimate beating it can take while flipping and flopping its way down staircases. 

The shot of a soldier tossing the robot into an upstairs window is great, but how many takes did require. However, it does give credence to taking a licking and keep on ticking if he slammed it to the side of the building along with the subsequent free fall. Assuming they didn't just swap out the robot mid-shoot.

The maneuvering is definitely legit and its self righting capability is great considering its intended task. What is not explained in the promo is how this bot compares to a fleet of remote control trucks that are much faster and are proven life savers, but will probably explode into a hundred pieces on impact during the toss test. Lets just hope we get what we pay for. 

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