Saturday, August 20, 2011

MultiCam Camouflage Storms the Americas at Panamax

It is quite impressive when one camouflage pattern becomes universally worn among nations across the world. This has now proven to be the case with MultiCam, which can be seen on the uniforms of military service members from Columbia, Chile, and Panama during training exercises to protect the Panama Canal at Panamax 2012.

While the U.S. Army and Air Force are only wearing the camouflage in Afghanistan under the moniker OCP, it seems that other nation's militaries have picked up the pattern for broad usage. In the photo below you can see Columbian Security Forces in a pattern similar, if not exact to the MultiCam Camouflage worn by US Soldiers and Airmen.

In this shot you see a member of the Chilean Navy with what seems to be a distinct pattern when you focus on the boonie hat. It appears to be your typical MultiCam pattern, however their is a very high concentration of condensed blobs at the front of the headwear. Perhaps this is just how it lays on the fabric after the hat was pulled together, but it seems a little off compared to the standard separation of blobs seen in the pattern on other garments. 

Above Photos by Cheif Petty Officer Vasquez - Dvidshub
This final photo of a Lieutenant in Panama's National Aero-Naval Service is very interesting when you key in on the patrol cap. While the uniform looks fairly similar to a typical MultiCam ACU, it seems the patrol cap was the result of some wild street graffiti gone awry while on leave to the Caribbean Coast.

Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Lopez - Dvidshub

MultiCam was developed for a transitional landscape presented to troops with the diverse terrain of Afghanistan in mind. However, Crye Precision's MultiCam Pattern has clearly caught the interest of Defence Departments across the world. We now have coverage of its use by Countries in 5 Continents including Central(North) and South America nations as shown here, which only leaves the adoption of the pattern from an African nation and the Autonomous Clandestine Service of Antartica to run the gamut of worldwide acceptance.

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