Friday, August 5, 2011

Hyperstealth Revamped and Spec4ce Camouflage Line Up

The previous incarnation of the HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. website certainly left something to be desired in terms of design, however they have recently went through a renovation with a new page border. This makes the site more inviting and much simpler to navigate. We will take a site with easy maneuvering and good content over high speed flash animation and needless space fillers any day.

With the latest release of their Spec4ce Series 2 camouflage uniforms we were excited to see the full line of military clothing. They have delivered with a line up of the jackets in each of the 15 commercial camouflage patterns. You can also see each jacket spread out with its matching Boonie hat, Patrol, and Baseball cap. 

We particular like the Mountain Camouflage Variant, partially because it looks most similar to the Sierra pattern worn by ANCOP with slight color variation, but its color scheme would fit in well with the rocky desert landscape on the mountains surrounding Phoenix. Of courses this is a tough choice when you have five desert/arid patterns and one urban option to choose from. 

Check out the full line up and the new revamped HyperStealth website to see the full line up of uniform choices available. You can look, but you can't touch. They are withholding new orders till all previous orders are fulfilled. We expect them to start allowing additional purchases by the end of August. 

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