Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gerber Releases MultiCam Sheath and Military Discount

Cable Dawg Sheath in MultiCam
When it comes to multi-tools, knives, and other tactical equipment, Gerber has strived to stay ahead of the pack. Military and public safety professionals have been a key focus in the design of their amazing gear and new developments in these communities are not lost on them. 

Gerber has now released their Cable Dawg Tool with a MultiCam Sheath as seen in the photo here. MultiCam Camouflage has seen a huge adoption for a large majority of tactical gear manufacturers as they integrate use for the major branches of the military utilizing the pattern.

Obviously the sheath is just a handy vessel for the Cable Dawg which acts as a communication specialists right hand man out in the field. It includes, wire strippers, CAT5 Cable Cutter, RJ45 Cripper, saw and straight blade combo, and a variety of driver heads with a built in holder.

The Cable Dawg is just one of the great tactical tools, flashlights, and blades that active military and veterans can pick up through Gerber's new program at 

The "Pro Purchase" program provides discounted access to military, LEO, Fire, and other first responders that want the best that Gerber Gear has to offer. From our experience there is a lot of quality manufacturing behind this selection of products. They are making the choice that much easier by providing a OCP sheath to match up with your uniform and other nylon equipment.

Cable Dawg Tool by Gerber
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  1. These are high-powered tools that are important for military service. This discount will be helpful for these people.