Friday, August 19, 2011

East German Spy Disguises on Display

If you happened to make it Berlin, Germany this Summer you would have had the chance to view the photo reproductions of STASI Spies from artist Simon Menner on display. This exhibit showed some of the different disguises he witnessed being utilized by State Security Service, which was one of the largest spy contingents at a time when the Berlin Wall stood tall. 

These secret agents reigned over East Berlin and spread fear through Germany with their invasive tactics. It is rather comical when you see some of the photos that look like they would come out of a spy spoof film. We provided their shining example below complete with fake mustache, stylish shades from the era, fake mustache, fur coat and ushanka hat. 

The museums release on the exhibit at Morgen Comtemporary discusses how the photographer gained access to the secret archives to see the different photos taken prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. While his representation to what he saw is open to interpretation, it would certain be interesting to see what measures were taken by these secret agents to conceal their identity while on clandestine operations during the Cold War. 

Photo by Simon Menner/ Morgan Contemporary
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