Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blast Boxers and Kevlar Diaper Up Close

The U.S. Department of Defence released video of the new Blast Boxers deployed for combat use by troops in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan to protect against IED Sharpnel. We have covered these and similar developments for this form of groin protection. 

There coverage also points out the Tier II device for the groin protection system now in use. The comparison to a fanny pack and diaper may not be great for morale in its use, but they can call it whatever they want to if it protects the goods.  It is noted that the 2nd layer of protection will initially only be used by those most at risk from IED blasts in the field. 

The added Kevlar layer does more to protect against large frag as apposed to just small pieces of shrapnel, which the ballistic boxers are meant to resist penetration when exposed to a blast. It appears the Marines may need to wear a MultiCam Tier II protection device on top of their MARPAT Uniform, but this may have just been for demonstration sake. It may have taken some time, but we finally have a shot of a Marine in OCP Camouflage. Seeing the the sample blast boxers after being exposed to an IED explosion, we would keep the Kevlar diaper at the ready. 

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  1. This is not a OCP, it's UK MTP Camouflage. This diaper also a part of UK's Pelvic Protection System

  2. how heavy is that thing?