Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best Camouflage We Have Seen: Cephalopod

There is some great camouflage in the animal kingdom, but many animals like the Giraffe or Zebra are one trick ponies. We had covered the Rock Fish in the past which has a similar environment, but the octopus that is highlighted in this video blows it out of the water. Not only is it concealed in one specific scenario, but it can change its color completely to evade predators looking for some tasty pulpo.

We have seen Dr. Hanlon's research on cephalopods in the past and are quite intrigued by the prospective carry over for military camouflage uniforms. It seems obvious that if a system could be created to mimic the biological process at work in an octopus. Granted it would not have the effect of bending light around the person wearing the camouflage system, but if it is just as effective wouldn't the ends justify the means?

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