Monday, August 29, 2011

Australian Soldiers to Wear Silk Ballistic Underwear

Uniform improvements have been carrying over across NATO forces in Afghanistan. In addition to picking up the MultiCam Camouflage Pattern like the British and US troops, the Aussie diggers will also now be outfitted with the same style silk ballistic underwear system to protect the most important areas for morale. Perth Now reports the cost for the US equivalent of $59 per pair. 

After years in Afghanistan the continue upgrade in necessary equipment has run the full spectrum for the combat Uniform. Flame resistance has been of up most importance due to devastating burns from IED explosions and improvements in body armor with corresponding accessories have expanded to cover the key weakness in the human anatomy. So, it is only natural to make sure ones groin region wherein lies the femoral artery which has been a a vulnerable area for bleed out. 

We had reported earlier on developments with US Forces trialing similar ballistic boxers to those worn by UK Soldiers from a competing vendor. It seems there are plenty of manufacturers presenting their innovations for the ultimate protection. These innovations are welcome for future possible engagements despite any talks of pulling out. 

Photo by ABIS Jo Dilorenzo Copyright Commonwealth of Australia
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