Thursday, August 4, 2011

Australian Army in Crye Precision Combat Uniforms

With the adoption of MultiCam Camouflage for use in Afghanistan, the Australian Army went to the top of the supply chain and had their uniforms directly manufactured by Crye Precision. Photos have now been released of the Australians Mentoring Task Force which is supporting the Afghan National Army in the Uruzgan Province to bring stability to the region through Operation ROSHAN.

Previously we had just seen the Special Operations Task Group wearing the MultiCam pattern on their Uniforms and were probably the impetus for the pour over into the rest of the Aussie Troops in Afghanistan operating outside the wire.

The images show the soldiers wearing Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirts™ and CG3 Combat Pants™ and several are carrying MultiCam packs as well. They still have Tan armor carriers and pouches and all have the distinct AUSCAM Helmet Cover. The verdict is out if this Commanding Officer outfitted his rifle with a MultiCam or AUSCAM paint job, but the standout tans may be rather telling. 

Photo by ABIS Jo Dilorenzo
© Commonwealth of Australia 
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