Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Afghan Police Unit Wears MultiCam

Afghan security forces have quite the variety of camouflage patterns and different colors for their various service uniforms. We came across this shot of the Afghan Police Unit (APU), while this is a new term it to us, it seems to go hand in hand with Afghan Partner Unit aka APU, which work along with Joint Special Operations Command to be the first point of contact with local Afghan civilians to make sure cultural norms are held before ISAF Forces make contact.

Afghan Police Unit Training
Then again this term and novelty of Afghan Police wearing MultiCam or the term police in general leaves some ambiguity as we typically see Afghan National Army Commandos working with Special Forces and wearing Forest Digital Camouflage or Standard Woodland. This was a key impetus for Special Operations Marines and Soldiers to wear matching woodland camouflage rather than their respective MARPAT or UCP and Multicam.

Maybe the tables have turned and Afghan forces are picking up on the MultiCam effectiveness for their country's terrain. Whatever the case may be everybody else is gaining on the uptake of this pattern. 

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