Friday, August 19, 2011

5.11 Deflect Eyewear Blasted with 12 Guage

Protective eye wear has become an increasingly competitive with big names like Revision and Smith Optics leading a charge to garner interest and contracts from the military. So it is no surprise that a large scale manufacturer such as 5.11 with a big presence in the LEO community would want to put their best effort forward in developing quality eye wear. 

In the ultimate ballistic test, RomeoTangoBravo puts 5.11 Tactical's Deflect eye wear to the ultimate test with nine shots from a shotgun to see how well they hold up when put to task. It is quite impressive to see what damage they could withstand.

RTB also provide an in depth review from use prior to their ultimate demise from thorough blast testing. We have provided a taste of the overview with the range test video below and you can see the full review at

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