Friday, July 22, 2011

Wilderness Tactical Products Back into Packs

Wilderness Wombat Safari Rack Pack
The Phoenix mainstay tactical gear manufacturer since 1981, has a wide variety of tactical gear and clothing. They had cut back on production of their Wilderness Packs due to the amount of man hours involved, which cut into their other daily activities running a small business. 

However, they are back on track with more production line staff and will be pumping out their high quality and simplistic designs, which meet all the necessities of a great pack. 

As a sign of the times, they are offering MultiCam for three of their most popular options including the Wombat Safari or Pequeno Rack Packs, and their versatile carry Trekker Safari Pack. 

The Wombat and Pequeno packs flip out at the front for easy opening. Three internal straps on each side of the main compartment allow you to clip your gear into place for vertical secure racking storage, making the best use of the space. 

Racking View
You can clearly see two supplemental compartments on the front of the Wombat Safari Rack pack in the photo and there is also a hidden velcro shut pouch behind the bottom pocket, which is why they call it the Wombat. You can see two four-way strap loops on the right side of the pack, which are also located on the other side in which you can secure sacks, clothing, tent, or other gear. There are also three strap loops on the bottom to secure a sleeping bag with utility straps that can are made to fit the pack. 

The Wilderness Wombat Safari Rack Pack is available in MultiCam and Realtree AP Camouflage, as well as OD Green, Coyote, and Black. You can also choose between a 5" or 7" depth, with further customization on height at 15", 17", and 19". The base price is $239.95 with a $20 premium for the Camo options and a $20 premium for the added depth. It is great to see a local company out of the Slope running strong and wish them well in pushing out these great packs. 

You can purchase their packs and other fine tactical gear at: They are also offering weekly specials at their Wilderness Tactical Products Facebook Page to celebrate 30 years of success from now till the end of the year.

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