Friday, July 8, 2011

U.S. Air Force Releases OCP Uniform News

Photo by U.S. Air Force Airman Welch
We had previously released photos of Airmen, Sailors, and Soldiers wearing MultiCam Uniforms, which the Air Force is now giving the moniker OCP Uniform in official news releases. 

If people referring to ACU as a type of camouflage in reference to the Universal Camouflage worn on the new style of Uniform, wasn't confusing enough. It now looks like the Air Force is taking a reverse stance by referring to a Uniform simply by its camouflage rather than who is wearing it.  

The Army still referred to their uniform as the ACU, but with OCP camouflage. Why they just can't say that the Airmen will be wearing an ACU with the new MultiCam pattern is beyond me. You could even just call it an new ABU with OCP if you wanted to get down to differentiating services. In the end Army, Navy, and Air Force troops will look the same when wearing the Army Combat Uniform in MultiCam when conducting Joint Expeditionary Tasking operations, however the Air Force is clear in pointing out that they will get "spice brown" name tapes as shown in the photo above. 

Perhaps this is all journalistic freedom gone awry, but they at least focus on the important aspects  of the new uniforms including improved materials compared to the ABU. The OCP Uniform now feature Flame Resistance and a lighter weight.

They previously noted the change to an improved ABU which will be lighter as well, but still doesn't address the FR safety feature on the newer ACU. They also point out that unit patches can now be worn with the OCP Uniform which were previously jettisoned with the advent of the Airman Battle Uniform.

A proliferation of imagery is flowing out now with Provicial Reconstruction Team members of all services wearing the MultiCam ACU. This Navy Commander doesn't seem to mind wearing a black lettered name tag matching those worn by Soldiers, but perhaps deep in his heart he would like a little "Spicy Azul" in his life.

ISAF Photo by Sr. Airman Hoachlander

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