Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SPECOPS MBS-1 Combat Uniform in PenCott Sandstorm

SPECOPS MBS-1 Combat Uniform
PenCott Sandstorm Camouflage
The Polish Army's Future Soldier Project has brought many great new camouflage design companies to the forefront by having uniform manufacturers like SPECOPS utilize their family of patterns for field trials.

Such is the case for Hyde Definition, which has licensed their PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage Patterns for use on the MBS-1 Combat Uniform as shown in the photo with the Sandstorm Colorway.

The Special Forces focused uniform feature the latest innovations for military clothing. The blouse has some similar comparisons to the ACU Coat with the adjust to fit velcro Mandarin collar and slanted chest pockets to a less dramatic degree.

The cuffs can be custom tightened with velcro closure and the hook and loop system is carried over on the chest, neck front and rear), and biceps for name tapes, insignia, etc. MOLLE Compatible Loops are attached to the Bicep pockets and additional pockets are provided at the forearm

The Pants feature massive cargo pockets with organization compartments, large belt loops, calf  pockets, and two large back pockets.

As with their other uniforms NYCO fabric was utilized to to manufacture the Coat and Trousers along with SUPERFABRIC's laminate ceramic material to double reinforce the elbows and knees.

Zipper closures are utilized for the main closure on the coat and pants along with a secondary velcro closure for the coat and all pockets, plus a secondary button closure for the pants.  Just to show their attention to detail and pride in their brand, SPECOPS is now also outfitting their Uniforms with their own logo stamped zippers.

SPECOPS is outfitting their uniforms with all three PenCott Camouflage Colorways from Hyde Definition including GreenZone and Badlands not seen here, but are covered in prior posts. View full details on this Uniform and other tactical products they offer at

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