Sunday, July 17, 2011

SPECOPS Combat Shirt Used by FORMOZA

The Polish military and protection services equipment manufacturer had their new Combat Shirt Zip Assault BS-1 in MultiCam featured on the show Rekrut.

One of Poland's Navy Special Forces Clearance Divers was shown on the Polish TV Show wearing in SPECOPS latest design. The Multicam Combat shirt definitely has a distinct look including an almost V-Neck appearance with the NYCO material dropping to the mid-chest with the zip neck collar.

As with many top of the line Flame Resistant uniforms, this SPECOPS military uniform top features TenCate Defender ™ M, which breathes well for these comfortable tops and most importantly doesn't melt under high temperatures due to the high amount of Lenzing FR material that is used in manufacturing the fabric.

The knit torso is also made with a high quality Flame Resistant Polartec Power Dry FR material that wicks moisture quickly from the skin and the material from the outside. They Polartec likens the flame resistance protection of this fabric on a 6 to 1 scale to its competitor, meaning you would need six layers of the competitions product to just one of their layers.

The shoulder pockets feature a hook and loop system for identification and webbing to add additional pockets or other MOLLE compatible attachments. The elbows are reinforced with Superfabric's ceramic laminate material to resist abrasion, provide traction, and add additional flame resistant properties. SPECOPS provides many uniforms to different units of the Polish Military in addition to the Navy Special Operations Unit Formoza.  The BS-1 Combat Shirt is available in Black, Olive, and MultiCam camouflage as seen here.

While we certainly can't understand the narration or caption in the video, it is definitely worth watch to see the action involved as well as shots of the new SPECOPS combat shirt. You can view more details on the company at their English website

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