Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spec4ce Camouflage Uniforms and Headwear in Stock

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. has released these photos of their ball caps, boonie hats, and packaged uniforms ready to go out in their Spec4ce Series 2 Camouflage with 15 different colorways. They also have two more colorways that cannot be shown bringing the total count to 17 colorways for Series 2, which is the most ever done for a commercial camouflage pattern.

There are 3 other colorways which were in Series 1 which are not featured in the latest line including Urban, Tropical, and Forest with the latter being picked up by the Afghan National Army. You can also add the Sierra scheme utilized by Afghan National Civil Order Police, bringing the grand total to 21 colorways. This is quite the impressive feat and really gives you the option to choose the colorway that best fits with your intended terrain of use.
HyperStealth Spec4ce Series 2 Camouflage Boonie Hats
If you have not already placed your order, then you may out of luck on this batch. This production run will  cover those pre-orders that were already in place for the uniforms and hats as well as some for SpecOps Groups. Shipments of pre-orders are aimed to start on Wednesday and intended to be completed by the end of next week. Additional orders will be allowed starting in late August to Early September for the remaining window. Keep your eye out for this short time window. 

HyperStealth Spec4ce Series 2 Camouflage Ball Caps
We matched up the corresponding colorway with the caps in photo above, they are as follows starting from the top of the photo left to right: 1. Desert Adder, 2. Timber, 3. Arid, 4. Desert Dune , 5. Canuck 6. Artic White 7. Metro 8. Brush 9. United 10. Jackal 11. Central 12. Woodland 13. Urban Light 14. Temperate 15. Mountain

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