Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SORD Gear in A-TACS on S.W.A.T Magazine

We have seen the popularity in the camouflage rising exponentially and it has already been covered in a couple Special Operations focused magazines. A-TACS has now honed in on another of its key target markets by making the cover of S.W.A.T. The magazine is featuring an article on Redback One and its Pistol and Carbine training courses. The photo seen on their magazine cover here includes founder and Director of Training for Redback One, Jason Falla outfitted in the Field Uniform as well as a sneak peek at some soon to be released nylon equipment in A-TACS from SORD USA. You may have also seen Mr. Falla's photo here wearing the SORD smock in another post on the manufacturer. 

As we had previously covered, Digital Concealment Systems (DCS) has a completely different family of camouflage patterns that they have submitted for the U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort, so the current A-TACS variant along with the Temperate pattern and colorway due later this year were not created with this intention. The design team at DCS has intended this creation for Special Ops and the Tactical Law Enforcement Community. This spotlight on Redback One provides them with one more avenue to get the word out to the Special Weapons and Tactics community on the merits of their camouflage for SWAT application. 

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