Friday, July 29, 2011

Saiga-12 Chest Rig from Beez Combat Systems

BCS Saiga-12 Chest Rig in MultiCam
The guys over at BCS are at it again with their custom gear and with this latest rig to accommodate three massive twelve Guage mags for the Saiga-12 Shotgun.

Their simplistic design provides for comfortable custom fit at a thrifty $69.99. The three magazines are secured in their pockets by webbing flaps and velcro. Three columns of MOLLE compatible webbing run across the front and a rear pocket provides for supplemental gear storage. 

You can pickup up the Saiga-12 Chest Rig in UCP/ACU and MultiCam Camouflage as well as Coyote, OD, Ranger Green, Khaki, and Black at 

BCS is definitely churning out useful gear, but don't take our word for it. Instead watch someone put  this rig to use while blasting away with his Saiga-12 Shotgun. 

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