Friday, July 1, 2011

Roggenwolf Warg Keeps On Truckin' With PA-KO

Here is another example of the handywork from the guys at PA-KO with an IVECO Daily box truck featuring the Roggenwolf Warg 5F-PL™ Camouflage on the front-end. This project is in correlation with the Polish defense company SPECOPS Sp z.o.o., which is facilitating the development of Military Uniforms, Vehicles, and Equipment in the Warg™ family of patterns camouflage.

The IVECO Box truck shown here as well as the MAN Semi previously featured were produced for testing the camouflage in field trials. We hope to see more military equipment produced with the Roggenwolf designs soon, such as the tank in the foreground.  

IVECO Truck in Roggenwolf Warg Camouflage

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