Thursday, July 14, 2011

PenCott Camouflage Clothing on Display and Fielded

The guys over at Hyde Definition have some more of their headwear on display in the PenCott family of patterns, including these great Recce boonie hats manufactured by Slangvel. From left to right you see the Sandstorm, Badlands, and GreenZone colorways of the PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage

They also headed out to the field to catch more shots of their SOD Combat Uniforms out in the open. Clearly this scene fits well with the garment in GreenZone, but the Badlands camouflage towards the front shows its versatility in concealing in an area that has more limited vegetation. There are a variety of colors present, but the overriding focus is on green in UK's Stanford Battle Area.

Interestingly we had posted about this same area also known as STANTA on a video series called "Afghanistan in the UK"m which covered a mock Afghani villiage that was utilized in training elite forces prior to deployment for what they will encounter in Afghanistan. Though this particular circumstance probably has no bearing on why they chose this location for these shots, it makes for a good coincidence.   

In the shot below you can see all three colorways side by side for comparison sake. For obvious reasons the Sandstorm sticks out like a sore thumb, but the other two show great concealment for this environment from what appears to be a fairly close perspective.

It will be great to see these uniforms in use for their intended environments, especially the Sandstorm, since this terrain may be harder to come by in rain drenched Great Britian. We hope to put them to the true test here stateside some time soon out in the Arizona desert, which can be unforgiving to greenery, but proves to be the perfect test zone for arid targeted patterns.

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