Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outbreak Omega 4 Photos

DPMS Panther Arms has released some great photos from the zombie shootout that took place at Ahlman's Guns Range in Morristown, Minnesota last weekend. A wide range of military and tactical clothing and gear was on display among the shooters that showed up. We thought we would provide our readers with some of our favorites from the signature Outbreak Omega event.

We thought this thought this was a great shot with the varied camouflage patterns. The A-TACS ACU certainly should have been on hand given DPMS use of the camouflage on their rifles, and you can see the gentleman to the right has a full load out including the stock of his weapon shown sticking out of his rifle scabbard.

The MultiCam uniform as seen in the center with matching boonie was more obviously one of the popular camo on hand for the zombie slaughter. There was also a fair amount of MARPAT derivative digital camouflage on hand including the woodland digital seen on the shooter to the left.

A lot of details are put into the yearly event and the zombie massacre commenced with good aim on target.

It was just another day at the office for this sniper decked out in his ghillie suit. Perhaps the weather permits such attire in Minnesota. I am thinking this get up may have been declined despite the novelty anywhere further south this time of year. However, good snipers are going to operate anywhere in the world, any time of year, despite the weather.

Thanks to the guys at DPMS Panther Arms for letting us share these great photos and more importantly putting on great events like these to promote their amazing guns and the general sport of shooting. Check out additional photos from Outbreak Omega 4 and future details on their products at the DPMS Facebook Page

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