Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Navy AOR1 Camouflage in Action

We typically haven't covered the Navy too much given their less eventful uniform changes as of late. However, we couldn't pass up this close up shot of the AOR 1 camouflage also known as NWU Type II, which is the desert variant of the Navy Working Uniform. You only see this worn by Special Operations for the time being, as is the case here with Navy SEALS clearing houses for insurgents in the Uruzgan Province in Central Afghanistan.

Special Operations definitely have the best designs in their uniforms and these combat pants don't fail to impress. You can see the stretch for performance panels at the knee and built in pockets for the knee pads. They have some massive cargo pockets in the rear and you also can't miss the Lowa Zephyr Desert Boots with their sleek design. 

Interestingly the gent in the foreground is wearing Army ACU pants and a MultiCam Armor Carrier, one can easily assume this is an interpreter given the get up and general positioning with the Afghan locals. However one can never be too presumptuous without more info. We are glad we can get these kind of shots without the photographer giving away too much information. 

US Army Photo by SGT Brown - ISAFMEDIA

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