Friday, July 1, 2011

MultiCam Air Force 2-Piece Flight Suit

DriFire Air Force 2-Piece Flight Suit OCP
DriFire just recently updated their imagery to include shots of their MultiCam AF Flight Suit. This harkens back to an RFQ placed by Patrick AFB, soliciting the DriFire Phoenix II Summer Weight Flight Suits in MultiCam, as well as Combat Shirts in the OCP camouflage. Subsequently the RFQ was cancelled without explanation as is typically the case for small requests such as this. 

Interestingly enough the monicker for this flight suit has collectively lost any mention of season and is now simply known as the DriFire Air Force 2-Piece Flight Suit in its latest incarnation. They also have a Navy version listed in KHP1 color that is NAVAIR approved for Navy and Marine Aviators. 

In conjunction with these updates on the flight suit name and photos, Soldier Systems Daily released further details on the U.S. Air Force's acceptance of this DriFire flight suit for air operations only. It was also noted to be only used when in conjunction with H-60 Helicopters and the C-130 Transport Aircraft. 

While direct mention of the Afghanistan specific OCP Camouflage (MultiCam) was not mentioned in correlation with adoption of this Tactical Flight Duty Uniform. It is inevitable to see it in action during Operation Enduring Freedom operations, as the Air Force integrates OCP as the standard camouflage pattern utilized in Afghanistan operations.  

This TFDU brings 21st Century innovations to the Air Force Flight Uniform and it will be great to see it make the rounds. We already have posted some photos of an AirBorne Apache Pilot wearing an A2CU in MultiCam of unknown manufacturer, and we will keep our eyes peeled for this one going around. 

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