Saturday, July 23, 2011

MMA Combatives Championships in Army Combat Uniforms

It was always quite impressive to see the MMA greats like Royce Gracie taking it to the mat wearing a full Gi Well these soldiers are equally intense going full contact in their full ACU at the 2011 Army Combatives Championships in that took place at Fort Hood. These are the Best of the Best in terms of Mixed Martial Arts fighting soldiers and they did not pull any punches as you can see from one interviewee with a nasty swollen mouse on his noggin. 

The interesting fact of this competition is the concept that they are not doing this for sponsorship dollars or roaring crowds paying a pretty penny to see them fight. This is a point of pride and these soldiers came from far and wide for the mere point to compete and give their best beating. Bonus points must be given to the Army for not only organizing a great event, but also the forethought in placing close matched Universal Camouflage Pattern trimmed mats down to match the UCP on the uniforms. 

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