Monday, July 18, 2011

Misspelled Badges Bring Ire for Australian Defence

The newscast provided in the video below reports that the Australian Royal Navy received badges with an extra L in the country's designation. While this is certainly a neglectful error for the manufacturer that produced the badges for the Australian Department of Defence, the true hubub comes from the company that received the contract and past it off to a Chinese (Hong Kong) Manufacturer. 

Obviously this mistake could be made during any production run, but a strong argument could be made that it would not be made by an Australian firm that is a bit more in tune with the proper spelling for its own country's name. A bit of quality control may be the real culprit, but why is the Australian government even bothering to contract with home grown companies when they just pass the buck to a low end manufacturer. Clearly this middle man scenario could have been eliminated if home country status was not of concern. 

We recently touched on the consternation developed by Australian defence contractors when the Australian Department of Defence awarded a handsome contract to the US based Crye Precision for their MultiCam camouflage design for use in Afghanistan without the ability for local designers having the chance to compete. It was also reported that an initial production run had problems when the size selection was fouled up by choosing US size standards with Australian measures in mind. 

One would hope that US companies would be up to task in completing orders with much attention to detail and Crye Precision was not at fault in the size problem. Proper spelling should be pretty clear, then again the Queen's English throws in extra letters all over the place that the United States learned to omit years ago, so this mistake could be possible anywhere. Hell, we even found it more prudent to put an "S" in Defense. Perhaps a quick review of lettering on samples is in order before outfitting your Navy with an unfortunate blunder on their nations namesake. Everyone is passing the blame these days, so I guess you could point the finger in all directions. 

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