Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everton Football Club Camouflage Goalkeeper Kit

We have our fair share of sports teams stateside donning the camouflage look in support of our troops. We have come across the Oregon Ducks, San Diego Padres, and Ohio State Buckeyes to name some of the major teams in the U.S. to put on a military focused uniform. 

Now the Brits have Liverpool's Everton Football Club in the English Premier league outfitting their goalkeeper in the green camouflage home jersey and the same pattern in black for the away jersey as seen here. The rest of the team wears tame solid colors, but they chose ultimate concealment for their American Goalie Tim Howard for the 2011/2012 season.

Everton FC Green Goalkeeper Shirt
Everton FC Black Goalkeeper Shirt

We don't know how effective the function may be considering the design includes two giant elephants advertising for a Thai Brewer. This alone would certainly cause much more of an uproar for U.S. Sports teams. They could certainly do worse than going camo, and if the intentions are right then all the better. 

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