Monday, July 25, 2011

Concealed Carry Stop Gone Haywire

We posted a great concealed carry pedestrian stop the other day on Facebook that showed exemplary conduct by an officer in questioning the individual and making sure he hat the proper permit. He even noted his own opinion that he was all for this persons rights as a gun owner. Shortly after it was taken down. 

This video is the complete opposite scenario. While we don't rest judgment on the officer as this video may not show all that went down, it certainly gives a different perspective on how an officer's attitude can change when he finds out someone is carrying. Obviously he may have self censored some of his wording, since he should have known the patrol camera's were rolling, but we guess the moment got the best of him. It is noted on Live Leak where the video shown that a formal investigation is under way on the officer's conduct. 

We now no longer need a permit to carry here in Arizona and certainly honor the rights of Gun owners across the nation. We also appreciate an officer's perspective given all of the shootings on law enforcement. However, there is a fine line to consider in these concealed carry stops to make sure the officer is safe and that an individuals rights are not garnished.

NSFW for Language

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