Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camouflage Guru Guy Cramer Interviewed on NPR

ANCOP Policeman in Hyperstealth SPEC4CE Sierra
Guy Cramer was featured on NPR today giving his background information, previous projects, and current camouflage innovations he has been working on.

Many articles have been released lately covering his camouflage designs, and some of his projects have created quite the buzz. Many are touting him as a great innovator while other detractors think it is all hype. 

I thought this was a great radio clip as it gave Mr. Cramer the opportunity to explain what he does and focuses on in his camouflage design work. He also talks about the current U.S. Army Solicitation and what it means for future camouflage utilized on combat uniforms for different environments. He also touched on his own entry without giving away any juicy details.

Of course he also covers the Quantum Stealth Camouflage technology in development at Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. We have provided the full audio clip below, so you can listen to the man speak for himself and answer questions from the interviewer as well as listeners. 

Press Play to Listen

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