Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camouflage Embossed Bags by Trussardi 1911

Keeping with our camouflage fashion theme from earlier in the week, we came across these nice bags from Trussardi 1911. This is another Italian designer that is very high end and has much experience over the past few years slapping camouflage patterns on their luggage, shoes, baggage and other accessories. 

While the camo is rather understated with a plain black color and merely an embossed pattern, it certainly gets away from the cheese factor that you see in similar attempts for a military treatment on chic creations. We certainly could see some of the corporate big wigs trouncing around the SHOT Show with this man purse or duffel bag packed with some promo and a fifth. We will stick with some more functional packs that don't compare in price to a fishing boat.

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