Friday, July 29, 2011

Camo Form Protective Camouflage Wrap Now in MultiCam

Newest Camo Form
Pattern Available
McNett has released today that they will be offering their popular gear heavy duty wrap in MultiCam camouflage. The versatile fabric can be affixed to any item and take its form. This provides an added defense again dust, dings, and the elements. 

Obviously with the camouflage finishes on the fabric, it provides the ability to conceal an object that normally would stand out. You always here the argument, what good is my camouflage if I am carrying a big black rifle, well this can counter any naysayers at a more affordable cost than getting it dipped or purchasing a weapon that carries a premium due to its pre-designed camouflage pattern. The same goes for any other object you cover with the wrap. 

Just a week ago they announced the addition of the popular hunting camouflage Realtree AP and Realtree Max-4, so now with MultiCam they are rounding out the major commercial patterns on top of their pre-existing Mossy Oak line. This will work out great for those outdoorsman, tactical forces, and military personnel that want to match their equipment to their uniform and gain that added buffer.

Obviously the guys at Crye Precision must be ecstatic to see this product, which allow their MultiCam camouflage pattern to be featured on endless lines of gear, guns, and you name it. We can see this be a huge product for the U.S. Soldiers or Airmen now wearing MultiCam Army Combat Uniforms in Afghanistan.

Here is a great video showing different uses and actual application of prior camouflage to a rifle.

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