Friday, July 15, 2011

Bourque Industries Plugging Away at Testing

It seems that Bourque has a constant flow of news rolling out on their Kryon based plate armor. Just this week it was reported that the relative lightweight alloy could now withstand the impact of a .50 caliber armor piercing round. The founder John Bourque is touting his creation as the best available material for this purpose, due to its ability to deflect impact and wear much lighter than what is currently the mainstream utilized in armor carriers.

The stock has soared from this news, but where is the hubbub from the defense industry? It was noted that unspecified military contacts ordered this round of testing, but will this be another discovery kept from reaching widespread acknowledgement due to "unreleased coverage" of new testing?

Some in the investment community have made accusations of a slow release media campaign to boost investment potential, as can be the case with many new technologies. However, Bourque industries has been forth coming with previous results from their Terminator Plates and had media present under helmet testing using the Kryon alloy resisting a dose administered from a high power rifle.

Needless to say given this focal point on recent contained information, no photos or video will be presented with the latest news, due to a hold placed on the imagery. We look forward to see how Bourque further proves its case on a more efficient and protective armor to protect those that protect us.

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