Sunday, July 10, 2011

Australian Special Forces Soldier First Person Video

Here is a great helmet cam video from the Australian Department of Defence showing Australian Special Forces clearing a drug and weapons market set up in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. While the action is high speed and a bit hectic, you can still catch glimpses of the Aussie Soldiers in full MultiCam uniforms and equipment. 

This also gives an amazing point of view on a inhospitable landscape with enemy combatants attacking from afar, while Australia's finest and highly trained return fire, while getting to their helicopter. The candid look down the barrel always seem to be the profound moments to be taken from these first person vantages. 

Toward the beginning, you can also see one of their four legged soldiers who must have been along for the ride to sniff out the narcotics and explosives that they were hunting down in this raid. It is also noted that U.S. Soldiers and Afghan Narcotics Interdiction Unit were in joint cooperation for the seizure. 

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