Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Air Force MultiCam Combat Shirt and Pant

"Side View" DriFire Air Force Combat Shirt
Typically the U.S. Army has been at the forefront in our posts, but the Air Force and Navy have been having some big influence lately on the latest imagery and uniforms that are coming out. We have touched on the Air Force Combat Shirt by DriFire, and they also have released photos of their latest Combat Pants in MultiCam as well, so we felt a closer look was needed. 

By now you may have seen combat shirts in many incarnations, so they are not reinventing the wheel, but DriFire is known for its Flame Resistant materials conscientious designs for military operating functions. 

As with many new active uniform garments, this combat shirt is manufactured with moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties to get rid of the swampy humid skanky conditions that can lie beneath a layer of clothing in high temperature or muggy conditions. Most combat shirts feature the knit torso for comfort and the more rigid material such as this durable woven fabric on the arms which really gets the wear and tear in combat conditions. This is also where the FR aspect plays the major factor in protecting the arms. 

DriFire Combat Pant
The pockets have a slight tilt for ergonomic access as well as the hook and loop system for identification. Velcro is also used on the mandarin collar and cuffs for a custom fit at the neck and wrists. We chose this shot specifically to show off the elbow pad enclosures with reinforced and abrasion resistant "pebbled" fabric added to protect this sensitive to injury area which can take a pounding when put to full use. DriFire also has a Navy version with a similar design but in KHP1 instead of MultiCam. 

The new DriFire Combat Pants only come in MultiCam, so they are certainly targeting a specific area of operation. The Fabric has the same properties as you find with the shirt and a diverse range of features are built in to these pants for comfortable intense usage. Built in hidden vents key in on the femoral artery of the legs which in turn helps cool the blood circulating through the body when moving in high temps.

These combat pants also provide your universal removable kneepad enclosures which are reinforced and feature the same "pebbled" abrasion resistant material as seen on the elbow of the combat shirt. Slack tabs are provided at the back of the knee for the pad to fit into the slot and still have a comfort fit at this key joint. There are also pull tight tabs at the ankle for a comfort custom fit. Storage is not lacking with massive  pockets at the front and back of the thigh with in close quick reach.

Overall the combined uniform will certainly impress with its modern design and a means for comfort and tough conditions. We are sure that some Airmen will be happy that DriFire got the jump on creating uniforms specifically with them in mind. No guidance is currently available on pricing or delivery dates for these products, but you may be able to find the combat pants as soon as the fourth quarter of 2011.

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