Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3D Television Eyewear Goes Camouflage

I was at Best Buy the other day and took a seat to relax in front of a 3D TV that had a Tennis Match on. They had these thick plastic behemoths that you hold up to your eyes to get the "enjoyable" three dimensional experience. Dimensional Optics has introduced their new 3ACTIVE™ Camouflage Framed 3D Glasses which are lightweight, rechargeable, and designed for comfortable wear. This version is available in Desert Digital Camouflage as shown here and also a Jungle Variant. 

3ACTIVE 3D Glasses
Desert Digital Camouflage
I do like the design in that the frame is wide in front of the temple to block out peripheral light. While this seems like a fairly new product for comparison, a $59.99 price tag seems very reasonable given its function and design. They also cover the popular 3D TV models typically seem in the big box stores with versions that can work with Sony, LG, Mitsubishi, and Samsung.

The noted focus market is for military and gamers which could be well intended, but I am guessing it weighs more toward the the tacticool aesthetic. Personally I am happy with the HD and going outdoors to catch a real world viewing experience, at least till hologram TV's come out. If you have already jumped on the 3D TV  Techno Bandwagon, you can pick up a pair of these at

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