Monday, June 13, 2011

TYR Tactical's Latest: Escape and Evasion Bag

TYR Tactical Escape and Evasion Bag
It seems like these guys constantly have something new up their sleeve. They will also soon be coming out with a  catalog so that you can take everything in at once in full color with even additional products that have yet to be seen. 

The new TYR Tactical Escape and Evasion Bag is a unique item for them to bring to their product line in that it can certainly serve in military and law enforcement functions, but is also a great bag for multi-faceted civilian use. 

This can definitely be your go to bag to for stocking a day at the range or kept in that special place for an emergency bug out bag. You may have a  B.O.B. on hand, but once you scroll the specs you may have to double up and give the wife your old pack when the fan takes a spattering. 

The main compartment of the Escape and Evasion Bag has the capacity for up to 650 cubic inches of space to fill along with a 120 cubic inch zippered mesh pocket. It also features an internal radio pocket with routing port and admin pocket with a divider and MOLLE for securing small hand tools. They did not leave any space clear of function and sewed a weather proof clear sleeve under the flip top cover to hold your maps in place for easy and quick access viewing.

The three mag side pouch shown in the top photo comes standard and is hidden by the flip top when secured in placed. However, you can apply a removable zipper attachment that converts the pouch for additional enclosed storage if the ammo is not needed for the task at hand, as seen in the photo below. On the opposite side of the pack facing you will have pistol pouch with zippered access at the hip when using the shoulder strap.

The bags total weight comes in at one and three-quarter pounds and is manufactured with TYR's patent pending PV500™ material which makes up the majority of their products. This is a lightweight tactical material that is super durable and resistant to puncture or color fade. The Escape and Evasion Bag is priced at $139.95 and is initially available in MultiCam camouflage as seen in the photos, as well as Coyote and Ranger Green. Find it now at TYR Tactical

Load it Up!
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