Friday, June 3, 2011

TakTik LunaTik Woodland Camouflage iPOD Nano Watch

We are big fans of good product concepts, especially when they integrate camouflage without making for a gaudy design.

The Tak Tik LunaTik created by the MINIMAL company's Scott Wilson is a great innovation for those that want a stylish carrying case for their iPOD Nano 6th Generation. 

Placing your Nano in the case is quite simplistic. They even provide a video as show below and the tools needed for a quick two minute insertion. It is noted that each time the band is created at the factory, a unique camouflage pattern is created, so no two watches are exactly the same.

The case is manufactured from high grade aerospace aluminum and the wrist strap is high grade silicone. At $99.95 plus the cost of the iPOD Nano starting at $149.99 MSRP, you can have a fashion conscious 21st century wrist watch with tons of function at a reasonable cost. You can pick one up online at TakTik+LunaTik.

LunaTik Instructions, Assembly & Tips from Visere on Vimeo.

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