Thursday, June 16, 2011

A-TACS Weapon Furniture in Stock

Northwest Tactical out of Ohio has confirmed that they now have their A-TACS Rifle Furniture available for shipment. They have four different packages to choose from, but given the demand for the new camouflage pattern they expect to sell out fast for their initial production run now in stock. Three of the packages feature Magpul butt stocks and one selection for a Vltor stock. 

This A-TACS furniture package below includes the lightweight Magpul CTR Stock, Mission Adaptable (MIAD) Grip, Pmag, and Railskins for $335 shipped. 

A-TACS Magpul CTR Stock

This Package is the only Vltor option with their Enanced Carbine Modstock, Miad Grip, Railskins, and Pmag which ships for $370. 

A-TACS Vltor Emod Stock

This Magpul selection includes the Adaptable Cabine/Storage - ACS™ stock in A-TACS. It also features the same selection of accompanying furniture as the previous selections and ships for $385.

Magpul ACS Stock in A-TACS

Last, but not least you have the Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) Stock, Grip, and Midlength Handguard in A-TACS at the lowest price of $300 with shipping included.

Northwest Tactical also sells individual Pmags for $35 plus additional shipping costs. LWRCI are their specialty and will offer these A-TACS furniture packages at a discounted rate when purchased on these rifles. They are offering the Advanced Tactical Concealment System Camouflage products for selective release at this time, so all orders will need to be placed by email or phone. You can find their contact details at: Northwest Tactical

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