Monday, June 20, 2011

A-TACS Uniforms in the Thick of Things

Not too much imagery has been released with the A-TACS camouflage uniform. Fortunately for us we have some great customers who are in the East Coast Spectres Airsoft team out of Nova Scotia, Canada. While the current A-TACS pattern is an unabashed arid/urban camouflage variant, you can see how the colorway can conceal in certain forested areas. 
We have many great customers in Canada, so it is exciting to see the pattern out among the maple leaves. Being in Phoenix, we have a more fail proof environment for the great desert camo, but these guys are really putting it to the test in a thick woodland. These are amazing areas for Airsoft games to take place and keying in on a team uniform that performs well in terms of concealment can definitely help out in the end result of winning a match. 
The entire team shown here are fully loaded with the A-TACS ACU by Propper along with Boonie hats and contractor caps, as well as one gent with an Airsoft gun in matching camo. 

The concept of trying to fit a camouflage pattern that is meant for an arid environment into a woodland scenario may seem asinine to some, but one of the major rules of concealment is knowing how to use your camo. The grey tones of the tree trunk and branches along with the natural shading of a forest fit well with the pattern and its colorway. This is a great counter to the foliage that may not fit so well despite some green coloring in the design.

A Temperate A-TACS pattern has already been confirmed by Digital Concealment Systems to be in the works. This will certainly give those working or playing in woodland environments a more viable camouflage option, but in the meantime they can utilize what is available in an effective manner.

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  1. I Think it would do Great in Urban and Snowly weather like in the woods, it works better than the ACU does.